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Speakers: Christophe Delmarcelle, Partner at DEL-LAW & FAIB Associate member, together with Florence Bindelle, SG Europeanissuers & FAIB Vice-president.

Continuing to work during a pandemic despite the lockdown and all safety measures enacted by the authorities raises a lot of practical and legal questions for the employers and in particular international associations.

During this webinar, the speakers will address in the most pragmatic way various issues / questions concerning amongst others the employment, hiring, management, recruitment and monitoring of the employees such as:

  • Can we sign an employment contract electronically?
  • Can an employee tele-works from abroad? With what consequences?
  • Can he refuses to telework? Or to go to the office?
  • How to indemnify the costs relating to the telework? Can we give furnitures?
  • Can we tape the videos/tele conferences?
  • What if the employee tapes a conversation? Or capture images of confidential information?
  • How can we arrange business travels?
  • Can the employee refuse a training or require a physical training?
  • Can we force the employee to accept a medical examination, or to take a covid tests or the vaccine?
  • ...

We will address all these practical and legal questions and more during an interactive session taking into account the best HR practices and also reply to questions you may have.
 - FAIB Members: 15 €                                        
 - Non-members: 30 €


Start: February 18, 2021
1:00 PM (Europe/Brussels)
End: February 18, 2021
2:30 PM (Europe/Brussels)
FAIB with Del-Law & Europeanissuers

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