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The FAIB is very pleased to invite you to the next lunch-debate,  Thursday 25 april 2024

Subject :   IP Essentials - Unlocking potential within your association 

In the non-profit sector, employees, freelancers, members and other third parties frequently generate and produce materials such as publications, accreditations, (joint) database and website content. These materials are typically subject to intellectual property rights (e.g. right to use, right to transfer, etc. Intellectual property rights are significant assets, playing a crucial role in helping non-profit entities accomplish their desired purposes.

Join us in our upcoming seminar, where we aim to offer non-profit entities greater clarity regarding the complex world of intellectual property rights. Using real-world examples, we will highlight the different kinds of intellectual property rights created and used within the non-profit environment.

Our speakers will explain the principles relating to intellectual property rights: when and how can a material be protected by intellectual property rights? Who is the original rightsholder? Is there an automatic transfer of intellectual property rights or not? What is the benefit of a transfer versus a license? How should the transfer of intellectual property rights take place? What is a license? In addition to providing an answer to these questions, there will also be a possibility to ask questions.

In addition to exploring intellectual property rights, we will also cover how to map and protect these. We will highlight responsibilities within the organisation and offer best practices for managing intellectual property rights effectively, emphasising the importance of good governance.


Start: April 25, 2024
12:00 PM
End: April 25, 2024
2:30 PM

Maison des Associations Internationales

Rue Washington 40
1050 Ixelles Bruxelles


Dirk Beeckman

EY Law
  • Dirk Beeckman

    Dirk is Partner in the digital law team of EY Law. In a professional career spanning thirty years, Dirk specialized in IT law, working for national and international clients. He combines the following specializations in IT law: legal support of IT projects, drafting and reviewing IT contracts, negotiating IT contracts, general advice on IT law, GDPR, e-commerce, intellectual property and evolutions in technologies in general (e.g. AI, web 3.0, NFTs, metaverse).

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Kelly Matthyssens

EY Law
  • Kelly Matthyssens

    Kelly is Counsel in the digital law team of EY Law, where she specializes in IT Law in the broad sense of the word. In addition to drafting, reviewing and negotiating a wide variety of IT contracts, Kelly advises in all matters relating to IT law, such as intellectual property rights, emerging technologies ((generative) artificial intelligence, metaverse, NFTs), ethical hacking, B2B and B2C contract law.

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Antoine Druetz

EY Law
  • Antoine Druetz

    Antoine is Partner at EY Law and is heading the Non-Profit and Trade Associations team. Antoine has been practicing non-profit law for more than 19 years and has developed a broad expertise in dealing with non-profit associations, charities, and trade organisations. He has developed a specific expertise in (i) structuring and restructuring (with cross-border aspects) of legal entities, and (ii) designing complex governance systems for (groups of) not-for-profit legal entities.

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EY Law

  • EY Law
    About EY Law

    EY Law is a business law firm acting for domestic and foreign companies. Our 50 plus lawyers have an entrepreneurial, innovative and solution-based approach that has earned us an outstanding reputation in the market.

    We understand that legal solutions must, above all, also be practical solutions for our clients. This starts with concise and clear communications with our clients. A practical approach focusing on our clients’ needs.

    Our legal professionals draw on their diverse perspectives and skills to give our clients a seamless service through all the challenges of law, whilst ensuring a single point of contact for all our clients’ questions.

    Strategic alliance

    Our strategic alliance with EY Tax advisors enables us to co-operate with EY if this is beneficial to our clients. This means that we can offer legal services as part of a multi-disciplinary team, with only one designated contact for the client.

    Worldwide legal services

    EY Law is an independent law firm with access to the international EY Law network of legal practices affiliated to EY. The EY Law network currently consists of 3,500+ qualified legal professionals in 90 countries. EY Law has a truly global footprint.

    Industry driven focus

    We understand our clients’ markets, their business aspirations and the business challenges they face. This has driven the industry-focused approach within our firm, enabling us to build (multidisciplinary) teams with deep experience in a number of sectors.

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The Venue

The Maison des Associations Internationales (M.A.I.) is a welcoming and gathering place dedicated to international associations, located in the heart of Brussels, capital of the European Union and headquarters of NATO.

The M.A.I. believes in the strength of solidarity, collaboration and collective action, values that are at the basis of its creation. Its mission is to support international non-profit organizations and associations in the non-profit sector by providing the logistical services necessary for their proper functioning.

Adress: 40 rue Washington, 1050 Ixelles

Room: Berlin (ground floor)


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